No pain/No gain: Muscle Soreness

Because I hadn’t done P90X Back and Legs in a very long time, I’d forgotten how it TOTALLY fries your legs. So here I sit (very carefully) with sore legs – looking foward to being able to move naturally again.

I don’t take pain relievers but I foam rolled, took a hot Epsom salt bath, drinking plenty of fluids, stretching, etc . However, I cannot make myself do the ice treatment. I’d rather do another round of legs than subject myself to ice; but that’s just me. If you’re more sensible and are looking for ways to hasten your recovery here are some tips from Men’s Fitness:

Ibuprofen: Low-dose, over-the-counter painkillers and Ibuprofen in particular, which has specifically been shown to decrease muscle soreness—will help take the  edge off of severe cases of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

  • Gentle Stretching: When muscles are in recovery mode they tend to      tighten up, exacerbating feelings of soreness. Slow, gentle stretching of the area will relieve that tight feeling and diffuse the pain.
  • Light Massage: Massaging  a sore muscle can help reduce tightness while promoting blood flow, which in turn helps speed recovery, thus shortening the duration of DOMS.
  • Warm Bath: As with  massage, warm water will loosen up tight muscles and improve circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood coming to the rescue of your aching muscles.
  • Hot/Cold  Treatment: Apply an ice pack for 15 minutes, followed by a heat pack for another 15, and back again. Studies have shown alternating  cold with hot to be highly effective in promoting both circulation and muscle recuperation.

By the way, muscle soreness can severely compromise your exercise form so be careful if you insist on working out.

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