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Introducing B.L.A.M.

Video post  So why am I here – because I’m going to help some people. I’m 7+ years post-P90X and still in shape so I have a lot to share as far as wellness. Plus I’ve been doing this whole “friend” thing with my other website, YBF. But, just know my kind of help is the teach you to fish kind as opposed to making you dependent on me for food– i.e. helping you help yourself.  So I’m keeping the “B.L.A.M.” name your: Best Life Accountability Mate or Better Life Achievement Motivator – get it…B.L.A.M. And as your friend I want to start by giving it to you straight. I’ve answered a lot of questions about diet and exercise and diet vs. exercise so first:

Fact #1 – You cannot exercise yourself thin or healthy – you must change your diet.

Fact #2 – Most exercise/movement can be beneficial.  Choose something you will stick with —I don’t do P90X because it’s indoors, regimented and repetitious- those very things you love about it but with either way, be honest about what you’re willing to do.

Fact #3 – In order to succeed you must have a WHY – reason, purpose or goal to fall back on. I wanted to remain fit to escape: Zombies, bad guys in a dark alley or so I could help someone else if necessary.  I also decided  20 years ago that I would never be tied to a prescription medicine.

Do it for your self, kids, family, bad guy/walking dead or prescription medicine avoidance. Figure it out, fall back on it and use it.