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The Anti-Workout

2nd Insanity Fit Test

Pam the Blam v. Insanity

Pam the BLAM Beachbody Coach

Video post: This is my formal rollerblading Beachbody Coach announcement. If you want to help others by becoming a Coach yourself or just buy what Beachbody has to offer, I hope you’ll consider my page:

The Secret to Six Pack Abs

Video post  For the record, I don’t have a six-pack but I’ve had one in the past. However I was too skinny for my liking and unwilling to do what it took to maintain it. But since I’ve had a six-pack in the past, I can divulge the Secret. The Secret is to change your diet. This requires more whole foods and fewer process foods. You can do 10,000 sit-ups a day and never see the definition you’re seeking – unless you lose weight. There’s no special combination of abdominal exercises or foods that will help spot reduce the fat around your abdominal muscles. Definitely work on your core but know that sit-ups alone will not do it. Please share this SECRET with your friends. 

Pam the Blam Q & A

Video post I recorded an interview with Fitbomb.com for more info –  I am Pam the Blam and Nashieqa Washington – I am not a private investigator – Tony Horton’s love life- I know nothing – No P90X rounds – no Insanity – I weighed just over 150 before and after that program – don’t let the scale be your guide – Beachbody Coaching? – How can I get your legs – genetics/working out – I’m not a weighlifter per se – but I do lift weights – I am just over 40 yrs. old – people with 20 years on me are doing this program – I experiment with different diets – Currently paleo-Primal

P90X is an extreme version of a previous Beachbody product; don’t beat  yourself up if you can’t do it but don’t be so quick to give up. You can always modify the movements or begin elsewhere.

The Return of Pam the Blam