February 20, 2024
How Will I Live?

How Will I Live?

As the great Gloria Gaynor once sang, I Will Survive!! But the goal is to thrive and not just survive. I’m financially prepared to go on this journey but I will need to commodify myself. Good thing there’s a whole world of online opportunity that widely exists now that didn’t back in 2009. I COULD teach, do digital marketing, affiliate marketing, sell courses, sell products, etc.  

Some of you may be offended by my attempts as I intend to explore many different possibilities (think, selling foot pics, Patreon, Only Fans, etc.).

Others will support me outright by donation in appreciation for whatever value they’ve receiv(ed) from me:

Zelle:  yourblackfriend@hotmail.com

Venmo:  @Pam_the-Blam

Cashapp: $pamtheblam

Paypal:  paypal.me/yourblackfriend

And hopefully a good chunk of you will want to engage with me through video and book yourself on my Calendar.  

Engage how?:  We could exercise/stretch together, talk about any number of subjects, e.g.: health/fitness, race relations, P90X, becoming an author, using the many interpersonal skills I’ve learned from 19 years of investigations, living as an INTJ, the expat mindset or just getting up the gumption to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.  

Or I could just hold you accountable and help you think/talk things through proving clarity.

Or maybe you just want to look at my feet.

I’m open.  Get on my calendar!!

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