December 11, 2023
(Is)The Sky Falling? Newspaper headline : "THE SKY IS FALLING!". Realistic newspaper isolated on blank background.

(Is)The Sky Falling?

I keep hearing people say, just do this or that so we can “get back to normal”. I’ve got bad news for some of y’all, we ain’t going back. Which is just as well because although it’s going to get very uncomfortable, “back” was not working for most people or the people in charge.

Anywho, I’m still in the midst of enjoying the last days of things. I have an amazing view outside of my kitchen window that has allowed me to see almost all of the major lunar events over the years. And outside my bedroom window, I have great view of sunsets over the Rockies. 

Since I’m not trying to add to my belongings, I had a very non-eventful Christmas. However, I did end up buying a piece of luggage (at Ross) because my large old faithful (which I haven’t used in years) has apparently eroded from disuse.  I’m still going to do a trial packing run to see if I can get away with something smaller than what I purchased.

I bought some Microdyn on Ebay for $10.00 to wash my produce and purify water. I’m told this is widely available in Mexican stores but it’s not unlike me to find myself in a situation where a store is not convenient and I need to eat/drink.

I found an amazing Velcro, waterproof ,“invisible” money belt at my favorite thrift store for $1.99.

I bought some magnetic lashes for fun because nowadays, that’s the most exposed part of our face.

I got these obnoxiously loud door stop alarms that I can’t believe I’ve traveled without for years.

And, I’m waiting for a cross-body pack from Amazon, which is late. This has never happened, Amazon being late.

Speaking of things that never happen, I’m posting my FB status here because I’ve had a doozy of a past two weeks:

The strangest thing happened to me Monday (12/28) night. I somehow managed to bang the area between my interior ankle bone and heel against the corner of a desk (don’t ask). It kinda felt like a funny bone shock and I was able to walk it off until an hour later when I was not able to put any weight on my foot due to pain.

I went to bed totally distressed because I immediately started catastrophizing how difficult it would be to move (I live upstairs), let alone travel. Also, I haven’t been injured in a looooong time.

I did all the things you’re supposed to do (RICE/nsaids) and it felt much better the next day. However, I’m still not able to put full walking weight (with a normal gait) and the area around the top of my ankle bone is slightly swollen like I rolled it, which I did not. How did the problem refer to that area??!!

Also, over the past week, I’ve joked with a friend that I had a mild case of corona (the loss of sense of smell/taste (a great diet)) and a mild cough that came on after that fever. Strange too because I haven’t been sick in a loooooong time.

Today, I feel much better on all fronts, most importantly, psychologically. I have this thing where I come to accept that I don’t know why something is happening AND it’s for my good. So that’s what I’m going with — 13 days to go. I’ll be exactly where and how I’m supposed to be when the time comes.

What I didn’t say on FB is, the week of Christmas is the first time I’ve had a miserable menstrual cycle, that I attribute to fibroids, which have been decent enough to lie dormant (since I had UAE in 2007). Surely at 52 years of age and pre-menopausal, things are supposed to be calming down. And all this stuff can’t start happening right before I’m supposed to leave.

Or can it?

Apparently it can and it is 😉 😉 What a great way to test my dedication to going with the flow, trusting that life has the best in store for me and NOT trying to control everything (which is totally futile and stressful).

So far, I’m passing the Test, with a B-.  

End note: This is one of my favorite Zen koans that will help you live a happier life: We’ll see…

One thought on “(Is)The Sky Falling?

  1. …and the journey continues. Glad you, unlike others, are not seeing the situations that find themselves in your path, as signs that the trip should stop. Instead. They are opportunities to plan, adapt and press on! I am looking forward to reading more as the day draws near!

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