Who Am I?

Who Am I?

This is the About Me post.

I measure my life in experiences (not accomplishments)

Here’s what you need to know about me:

I survived a Vietnam Era Marines Corps father, dropped out of high school, left home at 17 and joined the Air Force (medical professional) honorable discharge.

Space Shuttle photo op 1990

I earned an Associates and Bachelor’s degrees while working full-time; earned paralegal and grant writing certificates; completed life coach training, was licensed to sell health and life insurance; quit smoking, twice lol (for good); started a personal service business (Errands Plus) for which I SHOULD be a multi-millionaire; left a comfortable 4 year relationship and a lucrative legal assistant career of 7 years to become a Legislative Assistant to a California state politician; cut off all of my hair in 2000 to go natural (3x); was an onsite property manager for five years; traveled to Egypt alone in 2003 for my 35th birthday and celebrated on the Nile.

Egypt, 2003

I completed a random 90-day test group and was asked to be in 3 fitness videos in the world renown P90X.

P90X Stretch 2004

I wrote a race relations book as Nashieqa Washington (Why Do Black People Love Fried Chicken) still selling after 14 years; sold my book on the Venice Boardwalk and promoted myself onto four major market radio shows with my book; I’ve been on the Space Shuttle immediately after re-entry (see above pic), parasailed, been on a trapeze, helicopters, a camel, jet skied, snow ski, snowboard, skate (all types) and surf; atop the Eiffel Tower, down Venetian canals and inside pyramids; I was a vegetarian (for over a year); stopped drinking for 90 days (just to check), I’ve been on a game show (The Weakest Link); conducted sex surveys by phone for The RAND corporation, provided commentary on National Public Radio (NPR) four times; became a trained community activist; sang a solo in a jazz singing class after training; made a mess in a mosaic art class, worked as a contract Background Investigator for 19 years; was a project leader for a homeless feeding program; I’ve been scouted by talent agents; auditioned for a Hallmark commercial; moderated several events overcoming public speaking issues; still look good in a bathing suit in my 50s;

August 2019

overcame severe anemia; am healthy and medication free; sometimes get paid to write; obtained a TEFL certificate in order to attempt to live abroad (in 2009); recorded readings for the blind; lectured at Cal State University Northridge; completed a 6-week improvisation class with The Groundlings; tutored reading for a literacy program; packed my car (only) and moved to Colorado (where I knew no one and had never been); no television and a minimalist lifestyle for 11 years; debt free, love children but never pregnant and happily child free, never divorced (never married); salsa dance; medical transcription, worked at Taco Bell, had a paper route, sold discount perfume; took up pole dancing; zip line, bull run in Portugal, climbed a semi-active volcano in Guatemala; solo travel, canyoning (repelling a mountain face);

Canyoning in Ecuador 2019

Kayaking, floated on an iceberg (in Alaska), survived parasites (3x); never broken a bone, no cosmetic surgery (yet), no tattoos, over 800 credit score, metaphysician, middle functioning astrologer, Human Design Manifestor (1/3), Explorer, Sage Archetype, life path 9, master rapport builder, interviewed thousands of people as an Investigator, INTJ, Sagittarius, proud conspiracy theorist and life longer learner (I LOVE to read).

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